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Featuring TESSELA

Peverelist's highly regarded Punch Drunk label has released the details of its next release and it's a pretty rawkus affair. Having championed artists such as Andy Mac and Zhou in 2011, Tom Ford brings another up and coming producer to our attention in the form of Tessela.

Channel - Tessela [forthcoming Punch Drunk]

Both tracks jump out your speakers with an onslaught of heavy percussion and well-rounded sub bass. 'Channel' is the quicker of the two, and is built around different mutations of the same hook. 'D Jane', a little slower at 130bpm, is the one that cries out for a reload though. It's housey enough for you to feel the groove but still extremely intricate. Two absolutely heavyweight cuts.

D Jane - Tessela [forthcoming Punch Drunk]

Whilst we're on a Bristol tip, it is well worth checking out this RA film about the city, part of the Real Scenes series.

DRUNK027 will be released on 20th February 2012 on 12" vinyl and digital from Juno.

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