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Introducing ZIRO

The break of a new year seems to go hand in hand with a bunch of new producers emerging from the shadows. Last year we had Jacques Greene and Koreless shortly followed by Disclosure and in 2010 we had Dark Sky and Jack Dixon. This time we reckon it's Ziro!

We're putting our money on this name cropping up more and more over the coming months as bass driven Techno takes a turn in the spotlight. Boddika, Joy O and Mosca have been heavily pushing this sound recently along with Scuba and his Hotflush label. We're looking forward to hearing more of what's to come out of this Bristol based studio in the coming months...

Coded - Ziro

Minus - Ziro

Get supporting on his Soundcloud and Facebook.


DFRNT said...

The SoundCloud link is http://soundcloud.com/ziro-uk

Slight typo in the above URL.

Miig said...

cheers for the heads up Alex