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Introducing PALEMAN

Here is a young producer who really caught our eye during 2011. Calum Lee, an extremely talented jazz musician in his own right, goes by the name of Paleman when he is sat at his computer. Earlier tracks were influenced by the sounds of DMZ and Tempa but more recently he has found a groove tucked nicely within the realm of 'UK House' (or whatever you wish to call it).

Pistons - Paleman

Mosca recently featured his own VIP of 'Fake To Go' on a mix for Benji B's Radio 1 show and since then Paleman's output has been outstanding. 'Pistons' is a favourite of ours right now with a lovely rolling drum pattern and an eery atmoshphere. 'Oranounce' meanwhile demonstrates an upfront and relentless techno style. The track below, 'Ritual', demonstrates Paleman's versatility - an afterhours tune for sure. The whole compilation is up for free download.

Calum's tracks have also had play from the likes of Dusk & Blackdown, Loefah and Doorly. And such appreciation keeps on coming - we wish we could tell you more but for the time being you will just have to keep a lookout on his Facebook and Twitter.

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