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Featuring SCUBA

Paul Rose goes by many aliases when it comes to making music but it is under his Scuba moniker that he has done the majority of his work. During his time as head of the great label that is Hotflush Recordings there have been many Scuba releases and remixes that have come out to great acclaim. It is on his two LP's, A Mutual Antipathy and Triangulation, where you really hear what Rose is trying to achieve.

The Hope / Flash Addict - Scuba [Hotflush Recordings]

Now living in Berlin, Rose is originally from London and the first two Scuba albums were definitely rooted there in the scene that evolved from Dubstep. What made them stand out so much however, was the influence of residing in Berlin and the effect that had on the music. With his third album, Personality, the shift towards more continental influences is much more apparent with many of the tracks being rooted now in Techno with a tempo varying throughout.

Since everyone has already heard 'The Hope', which was released this month as an album sampler, we are going to give you four other great tracks off the album which are a must listen.

1. Dsy Chn - One of the lower tempo tracks on the album (check the clip) but that really leaves some space between the beats to be explored. Early Sunday morning vibes all over this.

2. Gekko - Straight techno on this track and there is no holding back. Compact dance floor burner right here.

3. Cognitive Dissonance - A surprise addition here of a Drum & Bass track, albeit a fairly minimal and borderline Autonomic affair. Quite an exceptional track.

4. Tulips - Reminiscent of some early 90's Orbital or Future Sound of London, this track is relaxed, euphoric and has the perfect blend of vocals to make it a great track to watch the sun go down to.

This third full length is definitely not to be missed and is set for release on the 27th of February, on wax and digitally, and is certainly a worthy addition to Scuba's and the Hotflush catalogue.

We should also mention that Scuba, in his SCB guise, will be headlining our inaugural Hush House party in Leeds at Mint Club on the 3rd of March. Don't miss this event which will also feature HH favourites Midland and Mano Le Tough - all the info you need is here.

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