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Featuring TECTONIC

Since 2005 the Bristol based imprint Tectonic Recordings has been putting out a stream of consistently forward thinking bass music. Head honcho Pinch has curated a catalogue of releases which draw on Techno, Middle Eastern sound palettes and healthy doses of dark, sub-focused Dubstep. The two latest LP releases by Author and Pursuit Grooves have respectively blended Jazz and Hip-Hop elements into the mix with great results.

2012 sees Tectonic releasing it's 3rd installment in the Tectonic Plates Series, and the quality control hasn't relented. The contributions have a cohesion that makes the entire LP feel like a a dystopian film soundtrack... a good one at that. Standout tracks include Roska's '480 BC'; a minimal stepper that's reminiscent of early Loefah tracks like 'Root' with its relentless bass and swampy reverbs.

480 BC - Roska [forthcoming Tectonic]

'Outs' by the illustrious Kevin McPhee brings a Berlin Techno flavour to the table with a grimy warehouse feel, metallic percussion and a vocal sample thats being transmitted through a dodgy 2-way radio. Addison Groove also returns to bring us the dance floor smasher 'Phantom' which shows his footwork influences at their best. Cinematic choral and strings samples along with sounds ripped from 90's video games complement his signature scratch samples which are this time used stutteringly to devastating effect.

Outs - Kevin McPhee [forthcoming Tectonic]

With quality productions also coming from the likes of Illum Sphere, Kryptic Minds and Tunnidge, the quality across the board is impressive and makes this release well worthy of a purchase.

01. Kryptic Minds ‘The Talisman’
02. Addison Groove ‘Phantom’
03. Tunnidge ‘Universal’
04. Pinch ‘Blow Out The Candle’
05. Goth Trad ‘Mach’
06. Clue Kid ‘Evolution’
07. Roska ‘480 BC’
08. Monky ‘Float’
09. Ginz ‘Chrome’
10. Om Unit ‘Preshah’
11. Kevin McPhee ‘Outs’
12. Illum Sphere ‘Promise A Secret’
13. 2562 ‘Rogue State’

The compilation will be released Monday 19th March 2012 on CD, vinyl and digital.

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