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Introducing BENEATH

Ever wonder what happened to the darker, harder roots of UK Funky?

Wonder no more. Sheffield's own Beneath (aka Ben Walker) is taking the genre back and developing that sound into 2012, giving you tracks that sound like Digital Mystikz and Objekt smashed together. Focusing more on rhythm, this more beat-driven style really does distinguish itself from the more mainstream, House-based club tunes which have become so popular.

After delivering a really deep and interesting mix for Blackdown (which you can grab here) followed by a cracking debut 12" last month on his own label, No Symbols, he has really started to get some attention - including getting rinsed by guys like Pinch and Mosca.

Beneath - NOSY002 EP [forthcoming on No Symbols]

The next installment will be out late March / early April so you have plenty of time to get to know Beneath's work. You can also grab his track "Name Droppin", which was given a way at the end of last year via WifeyLDN.

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