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Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee - Demolition Man

Demolition Man appeared on limited pink vinyl at the end of last year but it is the latest release to appear digitally from the guys at Ramp for quite some time. Featuring the talents of Gerry Read and Canadian newcomer Kevin McPhee, this premium slice of bass heavy, dark and dirty Tech House really hits the dance floor hard. With a healthy splash of piano stabs and moody vocals to top the track off, it keeps your ears open and your feet shuffling.

Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee - Demolition Man [Ramp/PTN]

You can grab a copy via Records Are My Pillow alongside a healthy selection of Ramp releases plus material from all of its sub labels including PTN and Brainmath.

This is Ramp's own distribution site that sees the artists get all the money from the digital releases, not the case at your regular digital music store, and you really are supporting your favourite producers directly by legally buying their music straight from them. For other labels we suggest looking into Surus, which again aims to get as much of the money from music sales (vinyl and digital) to independent labels and artists.

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