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Electronic music is a web of intertwined labels and producers, as you venture further into the centre of the web you will often find the musical experiences on offer become increasingly rewarding. Kontra-Musik is a label situated very much at the centre of that web, born from the musical ideology and aspirations of Ulf Eriksson. Eriksson is a man who quite simply does things the right way. There is no ulterior motive with Kontra, no desire to create a brand, it is purely a platform from which to release original and innovative music. To quote the man himself it is 'low key and honest'. Something that you will be able to see from this interview with RBMA.

Kontra-Musik's homepage explains clearly the background and ethos of the label as well as providing clips for all of the label's releases. As you make your way through the back catalogue you will hopefully agree that Kontra consistently delivers on quality whilst continually approaching things from different angles and perspectives.

The purpose of this post isn't to highlight your attention to one particular release, rather to nudge you in the direction of a great label, if you haven't previously come across it. A label that will stand the test of time because it steers clear of any fads or fashions, as ultimately they are always shortlived.

KM010 - Jason Fine/A Made Up Sound/ Heinrich Mueller [Kontra-Musik]
KM010 has recently been repressed, so if you are of the analogue persuasion you can pick that up again from most of the usual spots. All Kontra-Musik releases are also available on digital.

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