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Mix number 33 in our exclusive series is a real treat. A one hour live set from Hans Berg, the Swedish Berliner that has been bubbling up in the scene lately with prime cuts of House and Techno on labels such as Fullbarr and Kant Recordings.

Berg's latest release 'Machines' is a firm favourite of ours here at Hush House (featured here). The two originals off the EP, 'Machines' and 'Space Arp', are two unique tracks that are simultaneously experimental and polished. It is a credit to Berg as a producer that he is able to create tracks that take the listener out of their comfort zone whilst retaining an essence of familiarity. Unfortunately there's no individual preview on the internet but go hunt it down.

Berg doesn't DJ, he performs his music live, allowing him to bring an 'extra dimension' to the interaction with his audience. This extra dimension is clearly visible in our exclusive set, the live format enables Berg to explore and develop sounds and textures that he may otherwise not be able to.

HH MIX #033 - Hans Berg [download]

On an interesting side note, Berg works collaboratively with Swedish video artist Nathalie Djurberg. In this project he demonstrates how his musical talents extend past the dance floor and in to the art gallery. Check it here and get following on Facebook & Soundcloud.

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