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abstruse - obscure - secret - deep

Plangent Records has been an outlet for the deep workings of Berlin's Recondite. The four limited melancholic white labels found their way into the bag of Scuba whose clearly a big fan, leading to a remix of 'The Hope'.

On Acid saw Recondite explore the deeper side of the 303 for an album on Absurd. There's no jarring resonant squeaks here, just subtle tweaks of the Roland machine that allows for a real journey into the sparse analog abyss. Remixes came from Scuba and fellow acid experimenter Tin Man.

The latest release on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings showcases the tracks 'DRGN' and 'Wist 365'. 'DRGN' features bit-crushed sweeps and a prominent warped LFO drone as it builds, before dropping into dark territory with its minimal bass-line and beat. You wouldn't think it's peak time dance floor material, but DJ's such as Boddika have been championing it in their sets. 'Wist 365' is a dreamy 9-minute long workout. Various percussive rhythms lead the track, whilst chimes glimmer to create a shadowy atmosphere. It's gloomy stuff, but Recondite manages to create abstract beauty for Hotflush's 25th outing.

DRGN/Wist 365 - Recondite [Hotflush Recordings]

Here we're proud to present no.34 in the series, and our 3rd all-own-productions mix. If you can make a mix that sounds this good from start to finish with all your own music then you're definitely doing something right. Quality from start to finish...

HH MIX #034 - Recondite [download]

01. Recondite - Haptic [Plangent]
02. Scuba - The Hope (Recondite Remix) [Hotflush]
03. Recondite - Backbone [Plangent]
04. Recondite - Jaded [Absurd/Acid Test]
05. Recondite - Harbinger [Absurd/Acid Test]
06. Recondite - Wist365 [Hotflush]
07. Recondite - Whenever [unreleased]
08. Recondite - Same [forthcoming Other Heights]
09. Recondite - Being [forthcoming Other Heights]
10. Recondite - Flip [unreleased
11. Recondite - Tepid [unreleased]

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