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Featuring MOVE D

David Moufang, AKA Move D, is back with a new release on Electric Minds titled Hybrid Minds and his eclectic and well informed musical taste still on show. On first listen, 'Got 2 B' is reminiscent of finding that tune on a pirate radio station; a grainy lo-fi hiss and balearic synth stabs have your head back, eyes closed, with memories from that hazy Saturday morning in Ibiza resurfacing. If nostalgia could be represented in a song, this is it.

Much like a lot of the work of Move D, the second track on EP, 'Say I', has a different feel to it. At a reduced tempo, the piano and vocal sample work well together to create an ethereal soundscape, but the track is nevertheless driven on by a very chicago influenced 4x4 beat, keeping the club setting in mind. 'Useless' explores Moufang's jazz influences by grabbing some lounge music, stuffing it through an analogue synth with a generous amount of bass, resulting in a beautiful laid back, electronic affair.

Hybrid Minds EP - Move D [Electric Minds]

[EMINDS024] is due for release via Juno on 1st October.

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