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After the outstanding Motor City Drum Ensemble and Lone remixes of Midland's most recent AUS release, the news of remixes of 'Child' was met with great excitement when it hit our inbox.

Child (Geeeman Rework) - George FitzGerald [AUS]

Gerry Read puts in a sterling effort remixing 'Lights Out', conjuring up a dark but rolling techno jam. However, it is Gerd's effort with 'Child' under his Geeeman alias which will ensure that this summer groover continues to move dancefloors long into the winter months. It relies on a jacking, hardware-driven sound to add a much rougher edge to the original. Not afraid of a bit of hard work, Gerd also turns in a NY Stomp remix of the same tune, on a rather lighter tip.

[AUS1241] is due for release via Juno on Monday 29 October.

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