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Featuring BRAIDEN

It would be difficult to describe Steve Braiden as prolific, but as with most things we much prefer a bit of solid consistency. Finally we are about to see a follow up to his wonderful debut release on Doldrums in 2010, and what better label to facilitate it than Rush Hour.

A-side 'Belfry Tower' bring a bit of a funky aesthetic to the legendary Dutch label, with the moody pad and rough hi hats ensuring that Braiden's sound fits nicely amongst the likes of Recloose and Gene Hunt. The flipside, 'Paganini', is more of a late night jam, complete with a rather seductive vocal. Check out clips of both tracks below...

Belfry Tower / Paganini - Braiden [Rush Hour]

[RH044] is due for release via Juno and Rush Hour in November. Be sure to check out Braiden on NTS in the meantime. His photography ain't too bad either!

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