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Introducing JOE DRIVE

The latest offering from Gerd's record label 4lux is from Italian house producer Joe Drive. Known for its constant output of quality records, Joe could be forgiven for being a little nervous, but his Junopolis EP does not disappoint.

The first track of the EP, 'Rain Dance', is reminiscent of some of Moodymann's work. The soulful vocal sample alongside the brooding bass kicks creates an uneasy, but altogether sensual feel. The second track, 'Junopolis', incorporates early Chicago house drum programming which lends itself well to the stripped back nature of the song. The acid like melody is hypnotic yet not overly complicated - simplicity is the word here.

Perhaps the two stand out tracks on the EP are 'Tefnut' and the rework supplied by Tyrell. The former's tribal drum pattern and myriad of incidental sounds develop into a rolling dub techno number. Tyrell goes deep with the rework, accentuating and bleaching out the stabs from the original, creating a very space-like feel. Definitely a 4am track to lose your mind to.

[4LUX1206] is due for release via Juno on the 30th October.

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