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Featuring XOSAR

XOSAR returns for her second outing on the iconic Dutch label Rush Hour with two track EP Nite Jam. There is a great deal of depth to all of XOSAR's productions, full bodied and heavily layered tracks that offer an almost other-worldly aesthetic, which compliment her distinctive brand of graphic design.

'Nite Jam' provides a strong sense of foreboding and anticipation with the use of multiple synth melodies that sweep in and out of the foreground. A forceful and eerie track that would no doubt carry serious weight on the dance floor.

Nite Jam - XOSAR [Rush Hour]

'Elixir of Dreams' is a polar opposite to the title track. The ominous nature of the A-side seems to heighten the senses whilst this track has more of a seductive, inebriating feel. Another great release from one of 2012's most promising prospects.

Elixir of Dreams - XOSAR [Rush Hour]

If you like XOSAR then we'd highly recommend you check out XAMAGICA, XOSAR and Legowelt's collaborative project. In other exciting news, Legowelt's forthcoming LP is out on Clone next month, and the clips are sounding very good, even if the album cover looks slightly suspect.

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