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Introducing RIVET

It seems that producers from a variety of scenes are moving to house and techno, and there is an element of attraction to producers who don masks and hide in a shroud of anonymity. For some it is part of their act, but for Rivet and many others, it's about a new start.

Rivet has so far released on Kontra, Frozen Border sub-label Naked Index and Skudge Presents (the duo join us for Hush House presents Skudge on Friday 23rd November). It is an impressive feat to release on some of the most popular techno labels and still fit perfectly with each label's sound.

Grifter / Sundry - Rivet [Skudge Presents]

Rivet provides two sturdy tracks for Skudge's fifth release in their Presents series. 'Grifter' has a hefty electro-like bassline that perfectly compliments the breaks and big room rhythms throughout. 'Sundry' on the other hand is more of a journey with deep moving synths and dominant claps. A remix of 'Sundry' is available for free below.

Sundry (Rivet's Analogue Freeemix) - Rivet [Skudge Presents]

Keep up to date with Rivet and listen to his releases at Juno.

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