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Featuring CHESUS

It's hard to succeed such a successful release but Ten Thousand Yen has come up with the goods to follow up Mickey Pearce's huge Tempted 12". This time it's the turn of Chesus, the C in C.R.S.T, who lays down a four track EP of classic house excellence to follow up his appearance on Addison Groove's new Lost In Translation label.

The Goodfoot EP - Chesus [forthcoming Ten Thousand Yen]

This is not the first appearance for Chesus on TTY, having appeared collaboratively on the second and fourth releases, but it is here on the ninth release that everything justs comes together. Featuring collaborations with fellow Welshmen, The Organ Grinder and Didz, Chesus gives tribute to his house roots while giving them a 2012 vibe that make this a must listen.

There are a few dubplates of The Goodfoot EP floating about now until the full release on the 19th of November.

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