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Levon Vincent and Anthony Parasole's imprint Deconstruct has been off the radar for the last three years but has finally returned with a solid two track EP courtesy of New Jersey resident Joey Anderson. Anderson had a hard task following on from some sterling releases on the label, especially after the extended void in output, but more than rose to the challenge with two dark and refined techno cuts.

Unnerving piano chords and sporadic symbol crashes keep the listener on a knife edge for the duration of the title track, 'Earth Calls'. The flip side 'Hydrine' sees a strongly rhythmic drum pattern and sinister synth shards enveloped by dense, misty textures, giving an almost tribal aesthetic.

As always anything to do with Levon Vincent sells out quick, most of the major record shops are already out of copies but there are still some available at Clone. So if you want to avoid paying over the odds on Discogs you'd best move quick!

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