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Smallville is not just a record shop in Hamburg, it's a collection of artists, producers and DJs run by duo Smallpeople and Lawrence. The label has released an assorted mix of artists spanning the deeper end of house and techno, from Hush House favourite Move D, German deep house sensation Moomin and mystery man STL, all packaged with the whimsical visual art of Stefan Marx. It's nice to know that Smallville really care about every part of their label and showcasing a variety of artistic mediums.

Black Ice EP - Smallpeople [Smallville]

STL's most recent outing Flying Saucer Attack digs into his more techno side, with the same signature scuffled grooves and analog warmth. You'll struggle to keep still to 'Where Have You Gone' and that infectious rhythm, but 'Inverted Reality' is the winner here with a spacey lead bass. Don't be put off if you're a purveyor of more house orientated records, as Smallville's back catalog and forthcoming double LP from Christopher Rau should enthral.

Flying Saucer Attack EP - STL [Smallville]

There's a host of talented producers and top EP's to dig through. Head to Juno to see what's available, keep up to date with their releases, artwork and events at Smallville and let us know if you ever pass by their Hamburg shop.

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