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Featuring NONPLUS

This week sees the release of the much anticipated Think & Change compilation from Boddika's Nonplus Records. With only a couple of exceptions, notably tunes from Boddika and Joy Orbison, most of these tracks were pretty much unheard until a couple of weeks ago and with such a high calibre line-up there has been plenty of interest.

Broken Patterns - Kassem Mosse [Nonplus Records]

One of the most exciting pieces actually surfaced on the first LP sampler called 'Broken Patterns' by Kassem Mosse which is joined on the album by another great track from him called 'IP Mirrors'.

Quivver - Pearson Sound [Nonplus Records]

Four Tet also provides the fantastic 'For These Times' which really is one of the album highlights while Pearson Sound's 'Quivver' is another masterclass in syncopated beats and dirty bass. With contributions from Skudge, Martyn, Endian, SCB, dBridge and Instra:mental as well as many others there really is no better way to see the direction Nonplus is headed in 2013.

The album is out today and is available digitally or on vinyl as a fantastic 5 piece boxset. You can also listen to Boddika's in depth interview by Benji B from last month about the album here.

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