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While still in winter's grips, it's time nonetheless to start looking forward to the upcoming festival season across the UK and Europe. Summer vibes, warmer locales and great music are all on the horizon. Automatic Tasty's recent release on Photic Fields, entitled The Joys Of Departure EP should put anyone into a warmer mindset.

Automatic Tasty has come into his own as a producer over the last few years and has quite a few EPs and full-length albums already under his belt. His music ranges from IDM and electro to acid house, and this recent release falls into the latter genre.

The opener of the EP 'Winetavern Street Romance' captures best the overarching laid-back analogue vibe of the record. Perfect stuff for chilling out in the afternoon or at a festival by the beach. 'The Long Road Home' is a slightly deeper affair but doesn't stray far from the chilled out acid sound established by the first track. The last two tracks on the EP 'Thinking Out Loud' and 'Living Vicariously Through My Own Body' round out the release to similar effect.

The Joys Of Departure EP - Automatic Tasty [Photic Fields]

This producer has found his own sound with these IDM and acid inflected house tracks, and certainly isn't trying to conform to any popular trend. The Joys Of Departure is sold out at Juno but you can still get it at Redeye for a reasonable price.

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