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Introducing BLM

Ben Micklewright aka BLM has arrived on the rather special club night and record label, secretsundaze, with his 'Sudden Death' EP. Although there's only been a handful of releases on the label, the output has been of a very high standard, and it seems they've hit the nail on the head with signing this one too.

First up is A side and title track 'Sudden Death', with the pounding kick drum keeping the track firmly rooted for use on the dance floor. The melody is unnerving and slowly creeps in throughout, giving way occasionally to a distant echo of bird sound which keeps that dark vibe flowing. B side 'Chemistry' has a slightly more hopeful aesthetic to it, with the vocal hook layered over a dubby, swinging synth. Ben slowly brings in the 303 but doesn't let it overpower the other elements of the tune, each working together to keep the groove going strong.

Rounding off the EP is 'Brick', its warm analogue sound and strong percussion being a prime example of what a modern take on Chicago house can sound like without being too stuck in the past. A subtle piano riff and a blissed out repetitive vocal sample break up the song nicely, rounding off a well-executed EP.

Sudden Death EP - BLM [secretsundaze]

[SECRET008] will be available from Juno and Chemical from 11th March.

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