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Featuring EVIL FRED

"To call me a techno-visionary is not just exaggerated, it's plainly wrong. My so-called visions just come from visions other people had twenty years ago...I think it is very difficult to have new visions (these days)."

Without trying to point out the obvious, Rene Pawlowitz has a penchant for both aliases and 90's revivalism, exhibiting exactly that on his latest and second release for H2 Belgium. This comes following Head High remix duties last year for Zigg Gonzaless's 'Music'. With 'Get On', Pawlowitz exhibits his affection for effectively recycling the sounds of raves gone by.

The alias may be unfamiliar, Pawlowitz operating under the newly-birthed guise of 'Evil Fred', but the sound is floating unmistakably in Head High territory on the opening, self-titled track. Here, Pawlowitz's clock is set firmly to 'peak time', as crisp drum patterns are smashed all around the heaviest Berlin kick - all the while, a looping vocal hit reverberates throughout. The pads are classic 90's stylings wrapped up tightly with clean and expertly crafted sound-design straight from 2014. Everything here is given just enough space to breathe as Pawlowitz demonstrates his powers when he finds himself in full-on dance slaying mode.

Flipping over, it's again the kick that grabs you and hits where the sun doesn't shine - Pawlowitz's talent in crafting these is not to be sniffed at. This powerful, driving kick drum beats out through an old-skool piano melody. As with before, there'll be no prizes for tunespotters picking this one out in clubs as the work of Shed - both tracks encapsulate what Pawlowitz does brilliantly. If anything, 'Back Out' seems more akin to previous work under the Wax moniker, with an unfussy arrangement that knows exactly what it wants to achieve - and does so with aplomb.

'Get On' is available on H2 Beligium from Juno - grab it here.

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