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Delsin wrap up their centenary EP series with a fifth selection of cuts from BNJM, Delta Funktionen, Herva, Bleak and John Beltran.

BNJM's opener operates solely as a prelude, a delicate snippet of ambience that builds towards Delta Funktionen's 'Petrol'. This one's a heavy, bristling affair with a heady kick thudding between metallic percussion and space-age synth drones. It's the sort of industrial, electro-soaked techno that Delsin do so well, so it makes complete sense for it to feature within a celebratory series of releases that aims to encapsulate the dutch imprint's particular and specific vibe.

Herva's 'Radio's Mutterings' keeps proceedings deep - the feeling amongst all the tracks on this release is as much underwater as it is underground. A sonar bassline crawls through the depths whilst rippling melody echoes around it, soaking in reverb.

Following from that, one of Sweden's finest, Bleak, takes the buttons with 'Keep Me Close'. This one's driving and direct, with a elastic, tungsten-coated melody that loops across the duration, rising and dipping amongst frenetic drum-sounds and isolated vocal stabs. (Check out HH Mix #032 from the man himself.)

Finishing the release is John Beltran, who presents 'Return to Nightfall'. Harmonic pads sound out into the murky nothingness whilst hi-hats jostle amongst a thick, padded kick.

100DSR/VAR5 - V/A [Delsin]

a1. BNJMN - Dive
a2. Delta Funktionen - Petrol
a3. Herva - Radio's Mutterings
b1. Bleak - Keep Me Close
b2. John Beltran - Return To Nightfall

100DSR/VAR5 rounds off Delsin's 100th release celebrations and is available later this month on 12" at all good record shops. Additionally, the label have released an unmixed 2xCD to cap the 100DSR series, available at Juno.

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