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Introducing HANNE & LORE

Steffen Neuhaus and Stefan Helmke collaboratively produce a brand of unique, disco-flecked deep house under the Hanne & Lore alias.

Their latest release, 'Blah!' comes from their own label Heulsuse. The pair appear to have their eyes firmly set on warmer seasons - the dreamy vocals of the EP's title-track are accompanied by the funkiest of guitar loops, the kind of which wouldn't sound out of place on a Soundstream record. Despite the vibe being bright and sun-soaked, there's enough weight in the drum track to ensure that this one works as effectively in the basement as it does on the terrace.

Blah! - Hanne & Lore [HEULSUSE003]

Second in line is 'Be Good', which adopts a similar feel to the opening track whilst being more direct in its approach. The vocals here are more sultry, the bassline is more grizzled and the percussion far more conventional in structure. As before there's clear soul & disco influences but where 'Blah!' seemed pointed towards sunset, 'Be Good' is more concerned with after dark.

The EP is rounded off with a pair of remixes of the aforementioned track. The first treatment comes from Andhim, where the mood remains very much focussed on peak-time. The vocals are twisted and warped and the drums are glossed in darker coatings. Finishing proceedings is the second remix, this one from 7 Days Awake. The tempo's taken down a notch and the sleazy slap bass of the original version comes to the fore.

Blah! is available at Juno now.

Words by: Matt Woods

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