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Since 2010, Perseus Traxx has been playing analog hardware and creating grooves that resist digital trends. Not only having released music on labels like Bunker, MOS, Photic Fields, Chiwax, Sequencias, and Future Flash, the producer is also known for his elaborate live show setup, which features a mountain of vintage and analog gear. He describes his work as 'electronic soul music' and is heavily influenced by the sounds Chicago and Detroit. Get some proper acid down ya, none of that fake shit floating around these days.

Poseidon's Monster - Perseus Traxx [MOS Recordings]

This mix sees Perseus Traxx hitting the decks to show us some material he's been feeling lately. A mix of classic Chicago and Detroit-infused house music, with touches of acid and some of his own productions to boot. Catalogue numbers are tracklisted below.

HH MIX #049 - Perseus Traxx [download]

01. Acidicted_0.0
02. Rawax 10.6
03. HSEA9002
04. Muscle 003
05. PONR-1301
06. MATH-050
07. Acidicted_0.2
08. FC001
09. EMP 011
10. CGTX001
11. RST-017
12. SUN-2773
13. MX 017
14. CHC004

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