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Come on! We know you want to...

Go on...Go on...Go on...

Dear Rude Boys,

Here at the Hush House office we've been having a few talks and have firstly decided we need to turn this into a little community - you give us feedback on which tunes you're loving, what you hate, what you want more of and we'll try and get it all right. Do this by just taking 1 extra minute to leave a comment (get a google account if you haven't already) after you've read the post and this'll make it a lot more fun! Well, maybe.

If you haven't already joined the Facebook page, get on it now. We have yet to be converted into the use of this Twitter malarky - can anyone tell us what's so great?

We have some exciting things lined up so the more people we have part of this adventure, the better.


The Hush Mouse

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