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Another one...

Just in the last week or so I’ve picked up so many tunes which deserve to be passed on to you readers. Whatever your music taste, you should have a listen to at least 5 or 6 of these if you haven’t picked them up already. (* = dubstep)

Firstly, Calvin Harris gets remixed by the main man Herve with his signature synths and then Doorly’s version might take you a little by surprise.

I’m Not Alone (Herve Remix) – Calvin Harris
I’m Not Alone (Doorly Remix) – Calvin Harris * [RUDEEE]

Township Funk (TRG Remix) - DJ Mujava *

Brand new from the well known A1 Bassline

Fake (A1 Bassline Remix) – Alex Roots

Bart B More who was running the show about this time last year with his tracks “Killing It” and “So It Goes” has come out with another couple of beauties recently.

The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) – Curses! [RUDEEE]
Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) – Bingo Players vs Chocolate Pumas

Bouncey kinda minimally remix from Joe And Will Ask?, check an interview with them here.

Gun In My Side (Joe & Will Ask? Remix) – Lowline

New track from the man we posted just the other day, Figure. Watch out for some serious wobble and some nasty Eminem snippets.

Harm – Figure

More fidgety stuff…

Where Is It? – Blatta & Inesha

Strange vocals but thumping tune nonetheless. They are actually lesbians, which I never realised until I found quite an interesting/funny story of how they got together on their myspace.

Feed The Horse – Fagget Fairys

And another brand new track from the bass heavyweight Hostage. “The biggest wobbly cunt of a bass I could make.”

Murder Rocket - Hostage

Poppy little number, squelchy tweaks in parts. Stupid Fresh are so varied with their tunes, but all of them are good!

Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix) – Prince

We all know that Skream’s version has made a big impression pretty much everywhere, what with it being leaked, only limited vinyls available and then them costing £10 however Foamo’s brilliant bootleg adds a different vibe – kinda Underworld ish techy echoing drums gives the feeling of a massive anthem in a massive club?

In For The Kill (Skream Remix/Foamo Edit) – La Roux

With Caspa’s album, which is out in April, drawing closer this track has been released as promo and definitely makes me quite excited about this release.

Lion’s Roar - Caspa *

George Lenton has just sent over his new track, if you missed his MGMT remix and are interested, search Hype Machine.

Jungle Whomp - George Lenton * [RUDEEE]

And have a little listen to this if you get time.


Alexander said...

One of, if not 'the' biggest post on this blog. These are all huge dancefloor ruiners.

And adding Fake Blood's Essential Mix as an afterthought just caps it.

Good work guys!

Dead Ardent Lox

Miig said...


think my favourite has to be that doorly remix?