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Introducing SKEVIST

Skevist is another up-and-coming producer straight out of Stockholm. He's part of the Södertälje Massive along with Level 67 and Cek. Skevist is not only picking up the producing nicely, he's a musically talented guy with especially good skills on the drums. Everyone loving Dubstep, particularly the heavier sounds, ought to be keeping an ear on these producers. They're releasing new quality tracks almost every week!

Victim Of Hated Counterfeiting

Forthcoming on Most Wanted Artist Digital in April 2009:

MWA005 | Level 67 - Fistfucker
MWA006 | Level 67 - $100 Block of Hashish VIP

Forthcoming on Bass Punch Records, date to be confirmed:

Level 67 & Skevist - Red Eyed Tree Frog
Level 67 & Cek - The Whore
Level 67 - $100 Block Of Hashish (Original Mix)
Level 67 - Slicer

Watch out boys and girls...

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