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Introducing DUB FIEND

Who's this man behind Dub Fiend and where does all the magic happen?

My real name is Fraser Mills, born in Nottingham, studying Music Tech at Stafford University at the moment. Mostly the 'magic' happens on my computer which I bought about a year ago, upgraded from a shitty laptop bought from, you'd never believe it, Toys R Us for £800, it really was pretty shit!

Sounds like a lot of money for just some big plastic buttons with preset noises? You don't even get a proper screen with those things do you?! Anyways how did you get into producing Dubstep?

I first got into Dubstep around this time last year or so, but I'd been producing music in general for about 2-3 years beforehand, making random little beats and re-working video game tunes for my own enjoyment etc... In about December/January time, my mate gave me the Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive and I went mad for that shit, so I started producing some Dubstep. It felt like I was actually going somewhere with it, so I decided to focus my abilities on just making Dubstep, and it's been like this ever since!

Track which is on repeat at the moment?

I got a couple of tracks on repeat... some new Subscape stuff, namely "Tomahawk" and the "Dem Na Like Me" remix which is the fucking tits!

Unpleasant Surprise [HEAVY]

Did you get the stems for FYSB or did you do it all yourself?

Everything in the FYSB was done by me - if only it were that easy to get the stems. I got my mate to download me a copy of the Spiderman 2 movie, and I just ripped the audio via Audacity and then cut, time-stretched, and slapped it into the track. Just for the record, I'd actually completed the track and then I had to wait about 2 weeks for my mate to remember to download the sodding movie before I could put it up on the player!

Fasten Your Seatbelts (Dub Fiend Remix) - Pendulum

What made you want to remix the tetris theme tune?

I've always been heavily influenced with games in my music. I grew up with the Sega Mega Drive, N64, Playstation etc... and so it felt like Tetris was a good idea, I did a shitty house remix of it when I was like 15, I just felt like Dubstep would be a good genre to show it off.

Tetris Dubstep Remix – Dub Fiend [RUDEEE]

On a similar note, a couple of producers (me and Legend4ry at present but could be more) are writing a series of video game remixes, so expect a whole range of remixes to be coming out over the summer on a bootleg label (more details TBC).

Concerning other releases, I'm completely unsigned at the moment but I'm definitely looking to get out there and start something.

And finally, donk or no donk?

"Whatever you do, do NOT put a fucking donk on it." :)

Beginning Of The End

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