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Breakage x Florence

Breakage brings us this techy ravey version of widely known Brit Award winner Florence. Her soaring vocal is complimented with energetic drums and trancey synths taking your mood up a level. This years 'In For The Kill' remix? Not sure it has quite the mass appeal. Certainly on road to creating something with such affection when on the pop remix flex though. If you don't know about tunes like Callahan etc, go have a search through the shops.

Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix) - Florence + The Machine

Album out 15th March 2010 on Digital Soundboy. Looking forward to that and 'Justified'.


talk_to_strangers said...

heard this on le tube, its fuk in yum, anyone know where tis available?


Miig said...

pretty sure it's on the album.

Miig said...

track 1 on the album.