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When you hear dem sirens...

Who dislikes Borgore? Glad we cleared that up.

Here we have some treats from the Dub Police fam. In preparation for their few nights in the US with Scion, they've put together a pretty surprisingly good compilation. Surprising, not because it's Dub Police but because it's 14 tracks, one from each of them (excluding Tes La Rok and a couple of others), for FREE! Not all are so great so I thought I'd be nice and not waste 180MB of your time or download allowance. If you have plenty of time or generally disagree with my taste then I'd advise you to download the whole album as you may find something you prefer on there. Or not. You know where you heard about it first though.

In descending order of rowdiness, nevertheless - all sweet tunes.

Quantum Leap - The Others

Turf W*rz - Matty G

Oh Yeah - LD

Strawberry Kiss - Orien

Light Ina Distance - Unitz

Time is of the essence round these parts at the moment so I'm sorry for the 'Slow Down'. Submit your top 10 tracks downloaded in the last year and get a special treat. The idea behind this is not so we don't have to do any work - we want to keep the gems alive. You might have missed one or maybe not looked back far enough. Who remembers this for example?

Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) - Forensics

Leeds people - 9th March, it's a date.


Lambent said...

Big post

I jus might have pinn this on FB haha

Stay up,

Anonymous said...

Borgore is sick man! Stop ya hatin' it'll never get you anywhere

Avery said...

Borgore destroys it hands down.