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Featuring ROB SPARX

Most under-rated player in the game Rob Sparx is about to drop his latest mix showcasing forthcoming stuff from himself and his labels, Migration and Sour Grapes, parent label Z-Audio along with some other goodies thrown in for good measure. Perfectly mixed, smooth and in key with a variety of methods. Originally he was supposed to drop one for our mix series - in fact he did but I didn't get around to putting it up and it got a little dated. I tried squeezing another out of him but all I've ended up with is just first post on this one. Am kicking myself now!

Rob Sparx never seems to fail whether it's on the deeper subby rolling end or energetic tear out. It's all good. Even if you don't like the heavy end. It's technically well produced and listenable. His stuff in the clubs gets the place hype. We witnessed this when we asked him to headline our room at The Den back in November. He filled out that bar room for the whole of his set. Promoters - get booking. Reasonably priced and well worth the money. Have a listen and see...

DOWNLOAD: Rob Sparx 2010 Mix

01. Fully Booked (Indigo Remix) - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Z-Audio]
02. Passing Through - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
03. Independent Life (TRG Remix) - Rob Sparx
04. Go Home Soundbwoy - Rob Sparx vs Cocoa Tea
05. Chosen Few - Kryptic Minds
06. To Be In Love (Rob Sparx Refix) - MAW Feat. India
07. Going Back - Rob Sparx
08. Hatred - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Migration]
09. Simple City - Skream
10. Alone - Cyrus [dub]
11. Unstopable - Torqux
12. Bloodbath - Rob Sparx
13. Bloodbath (Bar9 Remix) - Rob Sparx
14. Remedy - Rob Sparx vs Edit Smith [forthcoming Migration]
15. Ribs - NumberNin6 [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
16. Metal Mouth - Skream
17. Serenade - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Smoking Sessions]
18. Etched Headplate Refix - Burial
19. South London Boroughs - Burial
20. Someone (Breakage Remix) - DJ Madd
21. Re-Up - Joker & Ginz
22. Cold Blooded - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
23. Battlesnake - Rob Sparx vs John Maveric [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
24. Fire - Synkro
25. Banoffee Pie - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
26. Casino - Rob Sparx
27. Cop Killer - Sukh Knight
28. Sub Mission - Koldfoxx [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
29. What U Gonna Do (NumberNin6 Remix) - Rob Sparx
30. Roland - Clunka Rob Sparx Rmx [forthcoming Massey Rogers]
31. NumberNin6 - HuntYouDown [forthcoming Subhuman]
32. So Far Away - DJ Madd [dub]
33. Serial Killa - Shackles [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
34. Windscreen Sniper - Rob Sparx vs John Maveric
35. With You - NumberNin6
36. Stash - Joker & Ginz
37. Arcade - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Migration]