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Featuring IMMERSE

Immerse Records, previously unknown in my world, have a few big releases lined up for the coming months with quality on lock - we like that. Starting off, a couple with XI on the buttons fusing instrumental Grime, percussive Funky/Garage and subby Dub-Techno. Frrrrresh.

000 is full of life and energy right from the off. Interesting drum work and a nice warm sub line, drive the track along with the odd 16 of whispering vocal to change it up a little. She's playing with me? Human beings? Who knows what that's supposed to mean, perhaps someone's a little troubled at heart. I can imagine it bumping very nicely on a system.

Slippin' has the same driven feeling but down a slightly darker, deeper road. The addition of chirpy synths, atmospherics and a throbbing sub change the preliminary dark Grimey beat into an innovative pulsing Dub-Techno mover. This leaves me preferring it to the A side although it's a tough call.

Out digitally, 22nd February. Vinyl in-store at Chemical and Boomkat now.

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