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This man, Autopilot, featured originally in this post, has had extreme exposure since we last spoke on the subject. Mary Anne Hobbs has taken a liking, Youtube Gamer Geeks and Imogen Heap lovers have been flooding the comments section. His unique, minimal, glitchy, synthy, euphoricy, progressive sound - finished off always with a pulsing bassline deserves the attention it's getting. Constantly supplying me with freshies, this post is the least I can do for him. You lot feeling the sounds need to head over to the...

Autopilot Bandcamp

Couple of new free tracks. World exclusive - fresh is an understatement. Huge original. Big remix. Nuff said.

Moth (Autopilot Remix) - Burial & Four Tet [RUDEEE]

Like A Bitch - Autopilot

Please go support the man, he's aiming for a tour later this year. The more support you give - the better it'll be.

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