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Deadstep? Yeh I reckon.

There are fewer and fewer artists wishing to be associated with that D-word due to the huge amount of bait kick-snare patterns and mid range "wobbles" which have been stuck in, so religiously, by every new producer trying to get noticed. Unfortunately that's not how you make an impression. Originality blended with quality gets attention. Saying that I'm sure there's plenty of good releases still to come. But then again, there's also been a huge increase recently in shit releases. Anyway...

Here we have yet another freebie from Hot Flush main man, Scuba. Usually known for his clean Dub-Techno beats, not this time, there seems to have been a little switch up. This track oozes the new era hybrid Garage sound from head to toe. I dig lots.

One Bright Night (Scuba's Broken Window Dub) - Way Out West

More house for these next two I'm afraid but both big jackin' feel good tunes. TLGB on the first giving Beenie Man (and a lady?) some therapy and HeavyFeet on a new tip from their old figetty electro sound.

Dude (TLGB Remix) - Beenie Man

Momma's Place (HeavyFeet Remix) - Roisin Murphy

PS. Anyone reading this blog who is down with Mt Eden. I wish you to leave!


Okota said...

too right with the mount eden comment!

also feelin Scuba's garagey-ness!

Wicked post as allways.


kai said...

not down with mt eden but a-okay with "i want a dude who'll do me in his van?"

gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Big ups, that HeavyFeet remix of Roisin Murphy is the business.

Miig said...

i hadn't noticed those lyrics before kai. at least the production is good.

Anonymous said...

whats with the mt eden hating?

He makes music that lots of people like, and gives them all out for free.

I think your more concerned with the people that rave about him as an artist. Yes lots of people have jumped on the 'dubstep bandwagon', but why should they leave your site if they like Mt. eden? Probably because you think you have a better knowledge of music than them?

I noticed this on your borgore hating too, are you pissed that he's making money? I as a reader appreciate the new music you show me, but that doesn't mean you should tell me who i should or shouldn't listen to.

Who's to say who should like what? You sound like a whining ignorant twat.

Miig said...

the main reason for me saying this is because our good friend autopilot did a remix of imogen heap a while ago.

mt eden has taken his version and done this...


(potentially ripped off youtube to start with)

i don't think it's right that this producer is getting praised for making good music when it's not.

i'm trying to emphasise that people should have their own opinions and make their own decisions about music and artists and not just follow the number of views on youtube.

taste and talent are different.

borgore is a taste issue. completely up to you whether you like it or not.

this is partly what makes music so interesting/fascinating.

Lizard24 said...

Anonymous sounds "like a whining ignorant twat".

Hannibal said...

Thanx for all the dope beats. I think the Beenie Man track was pretty dope. Very playable. I'm done with all the blog house with crazy breakdowns. You can't play that shit in the club its retarded now. People just look at you crazy as they walk out. At least its like that here in Austin Tx.