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Those of you who took note of this post from a couple of months back will already be aware of some of the music PYC Sessions are involved in this year. We were so impressed by the tunes in the zip that was given away (download it here) that we wanted to showcase some more material from the collective. This time it comes in the form of a thirty-five minute mix from two of its key players, Stickman and Elsewhere.

With sixteen tracks in total, the majority of which belonging to the boys themselves, this mix acts as a further example of the wealth of talent that Manchester has to offer at the moment. Skewed garage sounds are blended with laid-back dubstep atmospheres with such ease, making it difficult to keep up with a tracklist that is laden with so many dubs!

Our favourite tune from PYCZIP001, Elsewhere's 'Moments In Time', receives a fantastic remix from Stickman. With a haunting pause just before the drop and the combination of the bright synth work and sombre chords that follows; this track is absolutely killer.

In a similar vein is 'Nuclear Arms'. The lo-fi sound of the vocal sample gives it a really warm feel. It might be a little while before many of the tracks in this mix appear but Troy Gunner's contribution has kindly been made available to download below.

Nuclear Arms - Troy Gunner

It is always nice to see a mix full of tunes from a closely knit collective such as PYC. They are keeping underground electronic music alive just the way we like it.

DOWNLOAD: August 2011 Mix

01. Stickman - Being [dub]
02. Elsewhere - Moments In Time [PYC Sessions]
03. Troy Gunner - Nuclear Arms
04. Submotion Orchestra - Always (Synkro Remix) [forthcoming Ranking]
05. Stickman - Floor Music [dub]
06. Indigo - Snowfall [forthcoming Mindset]
07. Bay - Romance [PYC Sessions]
08. Synkro - Memory [forthcoming Styrax]
09. Stickman - Milk Cartons [dub]
10. Elsewhere - Insk [dub]
11. Elsewhere - Moments In Time (Stickman Remix) [dub]
12. Stickman - Always Gone [dub]
13. Elsewhere - Nurture [dub]
14. Elsewhere & Bay - I Think Of [dub]
15. Elsewhere - Shades Of Blue [dub]
16. Stickman - Hollow Bones [dub]

Both producers are busy building even more tunes and hope to have at least one vinyl release before the year is out. They are definitely ones to watch.


Unknown said...

Bay & Elsewhere – I Think Of

This get a release? too good! cheers

Unknown said...

Bay & Elsewhere – I Think Of

Did, or is this getting a release? Probably just sent a comment... but had to reg to comment?

If anyone could help me out, that would be wicked. cheers.