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Support PIAS

see more photos at Boston

Many independent labels will be/have been already seriously affected by the fire which burnt down the Pias distribution centre in Enfield two nights ago. The way to support is by buying their music digitally. Boomkat and The Quietus have put together a list of suggested releases to buy.

Our personal recommendation would be this from Debukas which is out on 2020Vision.

Pointers - Debukas [BUY]

Support the music industry in these tricky times. You can also donate here.


peasantswithfeathers said...

this is so dam good......aggghhh i love it. You guys rock over there.
Love Mr.Feathers from Miami. Triangle Earth ( Otto Von Schirach )

meadows said...

This is soooo greenful house and enjoy, love it! :-) by pR