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Introducing PALACE

We like to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the net to keep up with new sounds and artists. This one, Palace is a producer from north east London, not to be mistaken with Palace Skateboards, the collective who also hail from London, although we're told that this is where the name comes from – on the back of being given one of the brand's stickers...

The early sounds coming from Palace were simple and dark, hovering around 130bpm, which can be used as a crude marker for Garage but as influenced by a variety of music, every track sounded disjointed from the last.

Following a progression similar to most in this generation, Palace was introduced to Drum and Bass and Breaks, before discovering Dubstep and Garage. Now, he cites House and Techno as his main influences, with this progression being evident when comparing recent efforts with his first Trust EP. The most recent productions are slower, verging on Techno beats fused over a more melodic bass.

'Down With You' is the track that first brought Palace to our attention – showcasing many elements of a producer making a transition from their nascent stages, beginning to build a more fully formed sound. With a really catchy beat and top end, it will make you want to groove. But at the same time, the mysterious synths and vocal sample provide a more ambient depth. The track is forthcoming on the first Future Electronic Music compilation, but we have been kindly granted permission to distribute it to you, so download it now and have a listen.

Down With You - Palace

From here, we expect a more coherent and developed sound, the first example of which, a demo entitled 'Make Me Feel', which was uploaded to his Soundcloud yesterday - where you can also check his remixes of Koreless, James Blake and Sines.

Make Me Feel - Palace

However, we anticipate that those remixes will soon be forgotten and we’re most looking forward to more originals. Vocal samples have permeated throughout so far, and we’re told that Palace is currently in the studio working with vocalists on new tracks for the next EP. Expect a lot from this man in the near future.

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