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It's a pleasure to welcome Mr A1 Bassline to our mix series. Our following goes back a very long way with this producer, possibly even could be 5 years since his first appearance on the blogs. A couple of prior aliases to A1 Bassline then A1 Bassline with a new sound and now he's the co-founder of Tighten Up Records. Not only have his productions developed and matured but his new hybrid sound has blossomed as a unique cross of Techno and the Boddika/Swamp style bass music, which he refers to as 'warehouse'. This track below is up there with his best yet so hopefully there's plenty more to come.

Blue Velvet - A1 Bassline [unreleased]

A1 Bassline's previous fame racked up a long list of tour dates so he's played in many different clubs across the globe over the years and that certainly shines through in this mix. A variety of styles displayed and few unreleased gems. Get this on the download now!


01. Glutaral - Beaumont [unreleased]
02. Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak [Novel Sound]
03. Maurice Donovan - Babeh [SSSSS]
04. A1 Bassline - Blue Velvet [unreleased]
05. Alfie - Growing Apart [Tighten Up]
06. Da Posse - In The Heat Of The Night [Future Records]
07. Boddika - Acid Jackson [unreleased]
08. Glutaral - Plastic 2011 [unreleased]
09. Blawan - Kaz [R&S]
10. Alfie vs A1 Bassline - Slow Rush [Tighten Up]
11. Glutaral - Hollow Face [unreleased]
12. Addison Groove - Bad Things [unreleased]
13. A1 Bassline - Shockheaded [Tighten Up]
14. Girl Unit - Wut (Claude Von Stroke Remix) [Night Slugs]
15. A1 Bassline - 1.4.7 [Tighten Up]
16. A1 Bassline - Falsehood [forthcoming Dirtybird]
17. A1 Bassline - Lumps [Tighten Up]
18. A1 Bassline - Why Do You [unreleased]
19. Objekt - CLK Recovery [Objekt]

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