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Featuring SULLY

Sully releases his debut album Carrier through Keysound Recordings, the London based Dubstep, Grime and UK Funky imprint run by Dusk & Blackdown.

Sully aka Jack Stevens is an understated folk hero, a low key elusive bass producer with a fiercely passionate fanbase. And to date, they’ve never quite got the long player they craved from him.

Long before – four of five years before – the UK garage revival kicked in and "future" garage had even been dreamt up, Sully began finding a space between 2step’s swing, dubstep’s edge and breakstep’s drums, all underpinned by the rude spirit of jungle. He displayed a deft touch for heart-breaking melodies that could touch people as much as the ruff sub bass could hit them, on EPs like ‘Phonebox’ and ‘Jackman’s Rec.’

Carrier, his debut album, comes good on Sully’s unwritten promise to his long-hopeful fans. It’s a short but sweet opus that embraces house, 2step, UK funky, purple synths and juke, with a widescreen, epic vision and Sully’s trademark emotive vistas. In fact, so poignant was one cut ‘2Hearts’ that it’s rumoured it had been held back for the final cut for Burial’s now lost DJ Kicks mix...though of course this claim can’t be verified.

The second half of Carrier sees Sully – best known for his 2step garage - find his take on Chicago footwurk, combining eski strings, crunchy 808 claps and ravey piano loops at a tempo last used by jungle. ‘Encona’ reveals a hitherto unheard UK funky influence. Collectively, it presents a body of work infected by ruffneck pirate culture. So as the album enters your system, compelling you to play it to your friend and your fiends’ friends, the prognosis is clear: you, me, Sully, we are all Carriers.

01. It’s Your Love
02. 2 Hearts
03. In Some Pattern
04. Encona
05. Let You Know
06. Scram
07. I Know
08. Trust
09. Bonafide
10. Exit

Release date set for 12/09/2011.


Anonymous said...


blackdown is that sheet.

good description/analysis . . .

characteristics that i have been waiting for..


Anonymous said...

Niiiiice. Copying exactly what it says on the press release

Miig said...

what's wrong with that? we couldn't improve on it and have yet to listen to the album in full.

Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz said...

Lovely album. Thanks for the post!