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Featuring JON CONVEX

Since taking a break from producing alongside his partner in crime Boddika, Jon Convex has been honing his own personal sound and has put out a handful of releases on imprints such as 3024 and Naked Lunch. He now plans to release a full length album on his own label Convex Industries, and a four track sampler EP, Idoru EP1 has just been released - the first of two.

The lead track off the first EP, 'Fade', has a grungey 80's vibe to it and would fit nicely into the acclaimed Autonomic podcast series. A gnarly synth bassline plays off against a morose harmonised vocal and a glistening riff. Perhaps taking a cue from his buddy d:Bridge, Convex has opted to lay down his own vocals and the results are impressive. No news yet on whether the final album will feature more of his vocals.

Fade - Jon Convex [Convex Industries]

Convex says that "over the last year every minute has been spent working or thinking about the album". Aside from preparing an audio/visual show to accompany the release he's also been getting to grips with new hardware and synths that have shaped the forthcoming release. The time spent mastering his new tools is evident on two other tracks from the sampler; Shadows and New Model, which respectively feature dubbed out chords against a rolling growly bass and a jacking techno beat with an airy sweeping bassline.

Shadows - Jon Convex [Convex Industries]

The first of the two EPs is available now and also features a remix of 'Fade' by G.Vump

01. Fade
02. New Model
03. What I Need (featuring Velvit)
04. Four Faces
05. Aversion
06. About Her
07. Shadows
08. Desolation
09. No Love (featuring Breakage)
10. Idoru

The full Idoru LP is due for release in July.

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