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René Pawlowitz is a man who operates under many different aliases, but is possibly best known for his output as Shed. On his latest release the Berlin-based producer dons his WK7 guise on the A side for 'Do It Yourself' and his Head High guise on the flip for 'Rave (Dirt Mix)'.

'Do it yourself' is a real feel good track consisting of killer keyboard chords, an uplifting vocal hook and a powerful bassline, perfect for summer. 'Rave' appropriately takes on the title 'dirt mix', a thunderous bassline paired with half-time high hats makes for a gritty techno stomper. However, there is a change of pace after two minutes when a gentle floating synth melody is introduced to help cushion the forceful beat. This brilliant juxtaposition of two contrasting themes demonstrates the intelligence of Pawlowitz's productions.

The release has been out for around a month now on Power House and is still available at most of the usual outlets, but it is selling out so don't sleep on it if you want to pick it up! You can pick up the release on digital as well but it seems as though it's only available through Beatport or Hard Wax.

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