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Featuring PARIAH

Pariah doesn't release music that often. In fact his Rift EP, that is forthcoming this month on R&S Records, is surprisingly only his third solo release. That is not to say that he doesn't keep busy with other projects, most notably his collaboration with Blawan on their Karenn project and their label, She Works The Long Nights.

Orpheus - Pariah [R&S Records]

If you are not familiar with Pariah's previous releases, the fantastic Detroit Falls / Orpheus and Safehouses EP, the progression of his sound won't be so profound. The three new tracks from the Rift EP are definitely a extension of his work with Blawan but are less dance floor orientated and much more complex and layered. What results is a great release that showcases Pariah's great skills as a producer and definitely cements his place at the forefront of electronic music.

Signal Loss - Pariah [forthcoming R&S Records]

The EP is out on the 18th of June digitally via all good music retailers but promo vinyls are out now. You can also catch Pariah tonight in Leeds at The Garage alongside Akkord, Guy Andrews and South London Ordnance.

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