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Introducing PARASSELA

Blawan and The Analogue Cops have teamed up once again, this time to put out the first release on their new label Parassela. The trio are renowned for being staunch advocates of vinyl and have therefore decided to make Parassela a strictly analogue affair, only producing limited pressings of each release on hand written white labels. This debut EP reflects perfectly the stripped back aesthetic that has been created for the label, raw and atmospheric analogue sounds that require no flair in presentation to pack a full punch. You can buy the EP from Clone now.

Blawan has hit a formidable run of form lately with his contribution to the latest Frozen Border compilation and his forthcoming release on Black Sun Records, so if you haven't checked out those two releases yet they are well worth a listen! You can buy the Minutes In Ice compilation from Juno now but the release date for Black Sun 5 still eludes us, won't be long now though. Still no official news on the other Blawan tracks floating around the internet at the moment but if you're to believe the youtube comments it looks like His Money and They Choose To Bury Here (Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage) will be released on white label due to difficulties clearing the Fugees samples used.

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