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Featuring LEGOWELT

Prolific synth magician Legowelt continues his relentless release schedule with three tracks of intergalactic goodness for new label Riverette. Straight from his sequencer-sampler workstation of choice - the Akai MPC60 – Danny Wolfers inaugurates the similarly mysterious Spanish label with this new EP.

A-side ‘Blue Tearz’ compliments its shimmers and twinkles with an ominous bassline that wouldn’t be out of place on the Drive soundtrack. Taken together with the track’s plaintive vocal snippets, the well-crafted opener finds Wolfers in an interestingly melancholic mode. Side two’s first offering, ‘Shadow Wolf’, works with different materials to form a more club-ready track combining punchier drums and room-filling synth washes. ‘Source of Menace’, befittingly, is the most sinister of the three. Initially moving in a similar vein to standout tracks on his ‘Paranormal Soul’ LP (namely 'Danger in the Air' and 'Rave Till Dawn'), the track brings in rough and ready drums that sound more like his recent efforts for Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S. imprint.

Overall, ‘Blue Tearz’ gives further reason to speculate whether Wolfers is from this galaxy or not. Or at any rate, all the more reason to anticipate his forthcoming LP on Crème Organization.

[RVRT001] is due out very soon via Juno.

Words by: Isaac Rangaswami

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