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Introducing PALMS TRAX

Berlin-based newcomer Palms Trax offered up his 'Equation' EP on the equally fresh-faced Lobster Theremin late last year. Coming out of nowhere, this three track release did enough to put both names on the map and warrant a repress (coming very soon).

The first track, 'Late Jam', is a tidy, no-nonsense groover that punches its way through five-minutes of heavy-hitting kicks and warbled, nonsense vocals with aplomb. A stinging, electrified synth stab sits laboriously on top for good measure.

Second track is the title number, 'Equation'. Old school piano lines are brought into the mix, whilst the same razor-sharp synth hits found in the opener are deployed expertly once again. Shuffling along throughout is a heady mix of percussion; melancholic without being dreary, simplistically hard-hitting without being linear. Palms Trax has clearly been honing his craft steadily prior to this release, as the production value is very, so much so that it belies the artist's seem inexperience.

On the flip is a Tin Man remix of 'Houses in Motion'. This track replaces the Willie Burns remix that featured on the original pressing and it offers something slightly different to the two previous cuts. Somewhat celestial, those same synths take on a gentler sound, floating high above percussion that glitters its way through eight minutes of acid-spiked bliss. If this release is anything to go by, there's definitely more to come from both Palms Trax and Lobster Theremin in the future - we'll be keeping an eye out for sure.

Late Jam / Equation - Palms Trax [Lobster Theremin]

In the meantime, go grab the repress of 'Equation' at Redeye.

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