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Men of the moment from Sweden Mr. Tophat and Art Alfie take a break from their own Karlovak label, instead coming through on the elusive nofitstate, keeping things short but sweet with two hits of luscious deepness, backed with a Locked Groove remix.

First is the woozy, driven, hypnotism of 'Vretis'. Airy vocals sparsely fling themselves all over, with the kick elevating the track to bona-fide stomper status. The onus is on a rhythmic, looping groove. It's pulsating, simple in execution, but really rather good.

The Locked Groove remix takes the original and exaggerates the hazy stylings of those vocals, making them the centrepiece around flittering, ethereal synths, which tinkle their way above squelching drums - one for the early morning sessions. Last is another Tophat and Alfie original, 'Takelant'. Here the vibe's a little more erratic. Nondescript whirrs and squeals work their way around stomping percussion, the white noise of random tape recordings butting in of their own accord. This gradually makes way for a clearer view, as the track gains a steadier sense of rhythm, with the end result a kind of funky hybrid you're not likely to have heard too much of before.

Vretis - Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie [nofitstate]

[NFS003] is out on 4 March via Juno.

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