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Marco Bernardi and Johannes Volk have clubbed together to produce a rather nice EP for record label and club night Tief

‘Never on a Monday’ has sleaze written all over it. Chugging away at just over 100bpm, the synth bassline and melody work together to create a balearic italo-disco atmosphere. A moody one at that. The tight bassline and drums on 'Blue Mountains' contrast with the loose-sounding keys echoing over them. As the song progresses Bernardi adds layer upon layer of sound, with a speech sample barely audible in the background. Eery stuff. 

 Never on a Monday / Blue Mountains – Marco Bernardi [TIEF]
‘Glare’ drives itself along with complex and punchy drum programming, with a hammond organ supplying the hook. Volk builds it to a crescendo only to ebb it back down to its original snappy percussion. The hammond comes slowly back from its muted sound to build up again once more, delivering a subtly euphoric piece of music.

‘Humanoid Pilots’ isn’t so subtly euphoric. Although it starts off with all the sensibilities of a tribal techno roller, the tune gives way to warm synth stabs and a syncopated drum sequence that wouldn’t sound misplaced under the M25 in the early 90s (and that’s no bad thing). The song ends as it begins, making it perfect for a bit of a change during a set. Volk’s tunes are definitely the winners on this release. 

 Humanoid Pilots – Johannes Volk [TIEF]

[TIEF003] is available now from Juno.

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