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Since 2012, Mood Hut has been operating as a small independent label out of Vancouver, Canada, specialising in off-kilter, deep dance music. This release sees the Pender Street Steppers drop some seriously decent atmospheric and ambient house in the form of a three track EP.

While the bubble samples in the first track 'Bubble World' could be considered trite, the song provides an overall unpretentious vibe as it meanders along its own path. 'Love Theme' follows with its drum rolls and sharp synthy stabs, giving way to some sultry saxophone work at the end. The last track 'Temple Walk' provides an ethereal ending track that would provide great stuff for the afterhours heads.

Mood Hut should be a good label to keep an eye on in 2014. While not peak-time dance material, the label explores the more left-leaning and cerebral sides of house music.

Bubble World EP - Pender Street Steppers [Mood Hut]

Pick up the Pender Street Steppers EP from Juno when its released on February 14th.

Words by: Ethan Becker

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